Homemade Green Chile Sauce

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Mmmm. Green chiles. I have mango in my DNA and chiles in my pores. I love chiles. I remember my first real experience with green chiles was when I went to New Mexico to visit my in-laws for X-mas a couple of years ago.  And they have something called “Christmas” where they put both green AND red chile sauce on your burrito. Imagine my excitement when I got Christmas on my burrito during Christmas-time! I was like a kid in a chile shop or candy store, not sure which. I remember the warm comforting green chile added to almost any food item like a light green baby blankie telling you everything will be alright. Memories.

As part of challenging myself on this blog I decided to make my own green chile sauce since I’ve been using the canned stuff thus far. It turned out great!! I’m gonna use it to make green chile chicken enchiladas tomorrow, with leftovers from the roast chicken I made the other day (full circle baby).

So this is what you need:

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2014-02-18 16.07.28

You don’t need an adorable husky and an underdeveloped carrot but aren’t they cute?! Huh?! Huh?? Side Note about the little silver square thing. It’s a bullion cube which I know has a lot of sodium but it tastes like home for me, so I use it. Any stock or broth would work here so use whatever you usually do.

First, you need to cut and deseed the chiles. Another side note, (I’m a little ADD today …. ok …. everyday) choose the chiles based on the heat level you want. Anaheim (what I used cuz hubby can’t handle spicy) is mild, Poblano is medium and the Pasilla chile is hotter. Chiles carry most of their heat in their seeds and white membrane so keep that in mind when you make the life-changing decision of whether or not to deseed your chiles. I deseeded. Because hubby.

2014-02-18 17.15.50 2014-02-18 17.16.41

2014-02-18 17.18.05 2014-02-18 17.18.43

2014-02-18 17.26.59 2014-02-18 17.28.15

Place your chiles cut-side down on a lined baking sheet (you’ll thank me later when you don’t have to wash that gunk off the pan) and broil.

Check it every now and then. You want the skins to look burnt black.

2014-02-18 17.38.03

Mine could have actually burnt more around the edges. Maybe keeping them whole and rotating every few minutes is more effective (you can also roast chiles on an open flame on your stove) but I’m too lazy for either method.

Place the chiles in an air-tight container to allow them to steam.

2014-02-18 17.39.27

Now heat some oil in a pan and roughly chop up 4 cloves of garlic (it’s really not that much in the grand scheme of things) and one onion.

2014-02-18 17.35.05

Saute with cumin and S&P till golden brown.

 2014-02-18 17.46.04 2014-02-18 17.52.48

Oh ya and now add your broth and let it simmer till the chiles are ready. Chiles need at least 15mins to steam. 

2014-02-18 17.53.27-5 2014-02-18 17.54.33

Then peel and dice chiles. Add them to the broth mixture and simmer for at least 5mins.

2014-02-18 17.57.09

2014-02-18 18.03.19 2014-02-18 18.04.00

 2014-02-18 18.04.46 2014-02-18 18.05.53 

2014-02-18 18.06.34 2014-02-18 18.11.55

 Puree in blender or food processor and you have green chile sauce! Yay! Oh and don’t forget to taste and add S&P if it needs it. Enjoy!

 2014-02-18 18.20.39 2014-02-18 18.22.09

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