Bee Pollen Tea

Some of you may have read my post on bee pollen and allergies. If not, go on and click here, hunni. 

Bee pollen has cured my allergies. I mean two days ago I was dying and yesterday after taking one dose of bee pollen I was able to breathe and didn’t sneeze once or blow my nose for hours! Do you know what a miracle that is when you’ve been having severe allergies? 

Anyway, this is what you need:


Local bee pollen, a handful of mint leaves and local or wildflower honey to taste.

Place the mint leaves into a teapot.


Pour freshly boiled water on top.


Place a 1/4 teaspoon of bee pollen into a cup.

*For dosage information, click on the link in the beginning of the post.* 


Add local or wildflower honey to taste. Or to smell.


Pour the mint tea into the cup. 


Stir. Sip. Breathe. Enjoy.


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