Honey Baked Brie w/ Pistachio & Figs

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Mmmmmm. Goooey, stringy cheese.  

Baked brie. Ooey gooey baked brie. The first time I had it it was “en croute,” (which is basically baked in a puff pastry with a jam or chutney lining the inside of the dough) and it was orgasmic.  Sadly, I’m now going gluten free and I’m also trying to cut out dairy. Ha. That’s going really well as you can tell from this recipe.

No, but seriously. As a goodbye to cheese (for now, I’m taking this day by day lol) I decided to make a baked brie and just go hardcore and have a cheese-gasm. But I didn’t use crackers, I had it with sliced apples which are actually better because they provide a nice tart crisp-ness that goes so well with the salty, gooey cheese.

I used a small wheel of brie, 4 dried figs, a small handful of pistachios and Manuka honey active 20+. I dunno what the hell that means but it’s supposed to be healthier and this was the highest active number I found. So, I mean, technically this is a super healthy baked brie. Ahem.


Preheat your oven to 350F and place the wheel o’ brie on a lined baking sheet.


Cut the dried figs into slices exposing their pretty little seeds.

 IMG_2275 IMG_2276

I laid them around the edge of the top of the wheel thusly:

IMG_2277 IMG_2278

After adding the pistachios in the center, drizzle on as much honey as your inner child tells you to. My inner child was on her best behavior today, so I didn’t go too crazy. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Below is a ‘before and after baking’ picture-situation.

IMG_2279 IMG_2280

I love how the drops of honey caramelized and got dark. Myyy prettyyyyyyy (in you-know-what voice)

 IMG_2281 IMG_2282

Immediately after taking the brie out of the oven, slice a green apple or two into thin wedges.


Side note: Below are pics of a quick apple-coring method I use. Who needs a corer? Not moi.

IMG_2285 IMG_2286

Arrange the apple slices around the baked brie and slice it open and let the cheesy goodness ooze out.

*shuddering in ecstasy*    

Dip the apple into the cheese first. Then have it with a fig, or honey roasted pistachio. Or both. Enjoy this with drinks this weekend or everyday. Same thing. Whatever.


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