“Rosey Posey” Cocktail


“Rosey Posey” Cocktail: a fruity and exotic tasting drink, flavored and scented with rose. Sounds like a commercial. So this is what you need to make this cocktail that will knock your spanx off, or your socks. I think it’s your socks. Ya. It’s your socks:


Did you see it? Look again.

So the ingredients are: homemade Rose Vodka, (for the easy recipe click here), Jallab Syrup (A syrup popular in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Usually made out of dates and/or grapes cooked down to a syrup and scented with rose. Very yummy.), water, fresh orange and lemon juice. Two optional ingredients I used were a drop of rose water and edible flowers for garnish. You can garnish with rose petals or citrus wedges or nothing at all. Whatever  makes you feel good about yourself and the world at large.

I chose edible flowers.


See. I can prove it. After I poured the cocktail I spent way too much time on the garnishing part. Like, wayyy too much time.

   IMG_2052 IMG_2054

 IMG_2049 IMG_2046

IMG_2057 IMG_2051   

  IMG_2026 IMG_2043

Even the dog got tired of it….


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