Almond Milk Horchata

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Mmmmm…..Horchataaaa. I first had this creamy drink in LA when I was at uni. I’ve had many different variations, but I find that I like my horchata heavy on the cinnamon and with an almond-y taste.

There is no rice in my version because I wanted to make it grain-free, which is the new guilt-free apparently.

You need the following items:

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The cinnamon sticks are optional, I just used them for garnish. The sweetener I used is the Skinnygirl liquid stevia, but you can use whatever sweetener you like, or have on hand. If you’re going to use sugar, I recommend using super-fine sugar because it dissolves easily in cold liquids. But of course, don’t stress out about it if you only have regular sugar, make it work boo boo.

Oh, and I ended up grating a bit of fresh nutmeg on top at the end. It’s totally optional, but if you already have some nutmeg at home, add a tiny bit. You won’t be sorry. But, if you are sorry, I’m sorry.

Pour the almond milk into a container of some sort.

almond milk horchata paleo 7

Add the vanilla extract.

almond milk horchata paleo 9

Then add the cinnamon. Am I the only one who used to say ‘cimmanon’ as a kid? 

almond milk horchata paleo 12

I like a lot of cinnamon, but if this amount scares you, add less cinnamon. 

almond milk horchata paleo 14

Whisk away. At first it may look like you’re whisking and nothing is happening:

almond milk horchata paleo 16

But keep going and eventually the cinnamon will blend into the liquid.

almond milk horchata paleo 17

Sweeten to your liking and taste. Adjust for seasonings until you get it just right.

Chill until you’re ready to enjoy!

almond milk horchata paleo 19

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