Cows and Dogs and Ducks! Oh My!

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Um, ya. That is exactly what it looks like. Uh huh. And yes. Yes, I took a picture of it. 

This post isn’t a recipe because I haven’t gotten around to cooking today. I’m trying a new farmer’s market tomorrow instead of my usual Saturday one so, I should be cooking up a storm soon. Today, instead of going to the farmer’s market, hubby and I grabbed (or gently coaxed) the dogs to come on a scenic drive to the park. 

We had to stop for gas on the way and the dogs (Primo the Chihuahua and Raiden the Siberian Husky) were not at all concerned when hubby got out of the car to pump the gas.


On the way to the park we drove by a beautiful reservoir with a colorful shore (it’s not a shore but like the edge? I dunno man, I just cook). 


The scenic drive was definitely scenic. The clouds were breathtaking:


The landscape was so green and lush.


Primo was taking it all in.


Then he got really excited:


And then we saw cattle grazing on pasture.


We got closer.


And closer.


Holy shit! What the fuck. And I actually took a picture and then zoomed in and took another.

Then I threw up in my mouth a little. And then we drove up some more and saw another cow. Or heifer. Or heifa.


Mmm. Grass-fed beef. Tasty. (IDGAF)

We finally made it to the park!


The dogs were giving me major shade. Bitches.

As we were walking around, I noticed a duck strutting her stuff (I’m assuming it’s a her) by the pond.


I was like “Get it honey! Work it!” And she was like, “Flap, flap, flap!”:


Which in duck language means “Thanks, bitch!”

Then she found some guys and was all, “Girl, bye!”


So, we went along our merry way:


They were merry. I was walking backwards trying to take the picture above without falling all over myself.

Then I saw the duck again and she totally recognized me!


Then she ditched me again. This time for another duck. 🙁


All in all it was a fun day filled with animals and their distinct stench 🙂

Primo was so tired by the end of it.




What did you do this weekend?

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