Crusted Salmon Salad

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By now I’m sure we all know how good salmon is for you. Omega-3’s and all that shit. Sometimes salmon can taste bland, boring or worst of all, fishy. Blech. 

Of course, picking a good fillet of salmon is the first step, but even the best wild-caught Alaskan salmon can taste like wild-caught Alaskan poo-poo. It’s all about seasoning and how long you cook it.

In terms of how long you cook it, that depends on personal taste. My mother happens to HATE undercooked salmon, she likes her salmon dry and super flaky. My friend on the other hand, likes her salmon borderline sashimi-style. I’m somewhere in the middle. I want a flaky light pink salmon that is also moist and juicy. I find that 375F for about 25-30 minutes works for me. So at the end of the day, do you boo boo *In Katt William’s voice*.

Ok, so I forgot to take a shot of all the ingredients (stop rolling your eyes, I can see you!) The ingredient list is on the recipe card at the end of this post. Sorry, that means more reading. 

Ok time for more photos!

This is my little salmon friend:


I froze it before I cooked it so that weird off-white thing on the edge of the salmon is because of that. I’m sure Alton Brown knows exactly what that is. Ask him. Because I’m sure you know him well enough to do that.

A little S&P. Go easy on the S though, you will be adding seasoned salt next.


Next, crush your coriander and fennel seeds. Use anything heavy to crush them if you don’t have a coffee/spice grinder. A heavy can or rolling pin does the trick.

Sprinkle some seasoned salt and crushed herbs on the salmon.


As a final touch to make this salmon extra special, finely dice the garlic, ginger and parsley. Mix them together and top the salmon with the mixture.



I hope you preheated your oven to 375F, because it’s time to pop this little sucker in the oven for about 20-30 minutes until it reaches desired doneness. 

In the meantime, make your salad. Chop and rinse the lettuce.


Dice and season the cuke, slice the onion and finely chop the parmesan and parsley together.


Now it’s just a matter of assembling, dressing and tossing.

Place the lettuce in bowl and top with the cucumbers:


Then add the red (it’s actually purple WTF) onion:


Top that with the heavenly parmesan-parsley mixture:


Sprinkle on a little balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil:




Once the salmon is ready, place the salad in a bowl:


Top with the salmon:



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