Mango & Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

mango pomegranate champagne cocktail 7

Cheers! This chic cocktail is perfect for any occasion and can be made with several variations.

I love, love, love mango. Pomegranate doesn’t hurt that much either. If for some weird reason you don’t like mango and/or pomegranate then use any frozen fruit you like and your fav juice.

Only three ingredients are needed for this recipe:

mango pomegranate champagne cocktail 3

Throw or toss or place a cup of the frozen mangos into a blender or food processor. I just got a food processor recently and have been looking for any excuse to use it. A champagne cocktail seemed like a no-brainer.

mango pomegranate champagne cocktail 4

Pour an equal amount of juice. That would be a cup if you weren’t paying attention.

mango pomegranate champagne cocktail 8

Blitz the hell out of it. You want it as smooth as possible.

“As smoooooooth as eggs!” (If you can guess where I got that from I will be so impressed. If not, then I understand. I’m disappointed, but I understand. Hmph.)

mango pomegranate champagne cocktail 9

Pour a little bit of the puree in a champagne flute. The more of the puree you add, the sweeter the cocktail will be. It will also be weaker. Your choice. 

mango pomegranate champagne cocktail 12

Top off with the champagne.

(Side note: I used Rose champagne so the color is more pinkish brown than it would be with regular champagne.)

Happy Sipping!

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