Pomegranate & Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts

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Glazed brussels sprouts are the shit. They are like mini-cabbages that have caramelized and developed this amazing sweet-savoury flavor that is sooooo delicious.

This recipe uses a tiny bit of pomegranate molasses to add a little kick. The recipe is amazing with just balsamic but if you can get your hands on some pomegranate molasses you won’t be sorry. Unless you really don’t like tart flavors then you will be very sorry. Anyway, you can find it any Middle Eastern market.

So you need the following items:


You want your balsamic vinegar to be syrupy. You can achieve this by either buying an aged vinegar or you can just reduce regular balsamic vinegar by pouring it in a saucepan and simmering it until it reduces by half and has a syrupy texture.


Oh, and you need brussels sprouts to make glazed brussels sprouts. Not sure if that was clear.

You need to rinse and trim them as well.



Once you trim them you can peel off the outer layers that may have some grit or bruising on them. 

Then slice them in half.


Place them on a lined baking sheet. As you do, rub them to release some of the leaves (they will become crispy and yummy). 


Can you spot the loose leaves? I used to love those I-Spy books as a kid. Did you? No? You have no idea what I’m taking about? Ok. I’m glad we had this conversation.

Drizzle a little olive oil and as much S&P as you like. I like a lot of freshly cracked black pepper. Or “black crack” as it’s known on the streets (I have no idea what I’m taking about. Shhhh.)


Toss and bake for 10 minutes.


After 10 minutes toss again and cook for another 10 minutes.


When they come out of the oven they should be nicely browned like this:


These babies are great just like this. Roasted brussels sprouts caramelize on their own a little.

I wanted to make them a bit more special, so I drizzled on some thick and sweet balsamic vinegar and a few drops of the pomegranate molasses (a little goes a very long way).


Toss for one last time and take in the amazing smell.


Put these in a bowl and go to town!


When pomegranates are in season I think I’m going to try making this again and sprinkling fresh pomegranate seeds on top for a little sweet surprise. Drool.


This is a great side dish that goes with almost anything. Except, maybe not with curry.


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