Saffron Popcorn

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So exotic. So pretty. So yummy. A great way to introduce yourself to saffron if you’ve never tried it. It’s also a great way to have saffron a different way if you’ve already had saffron.

Saffron is picked from flowers and is the most expensive spice because it’s so labor intensive to pick them from the flowers. They have a slight sweet and floral smell and taste and they give off the most beautiful golden color when added to rice, desserts or even tea. You gotta try it! For me? Pleaaaasseeeeeeee…..

This recipe is very easy and quick to make. It’s low in calories and the perfect snack to make movie night just a bit more special. I had this popcorn last night while hubby and I watched The Purge for the first time. By the way, that movie is fucking creepy. The chicks in the flowing white dresses and scary smiling masks swinging machetes and singing gave me the most fucked up nightmare. All I’m gonna say is I’ll never wear a flowing dress again.

Anyway, so you need these items:

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You can find saffron liquid at most Middle Eastern markets and if that doesn’t work you can get it online by clicking here. You can also soak saffron threads in water to make saffron liquid. The threads are optional if you’re using saffron liquid. I only used a few strands for garnish in this recipe.

You can also use regular salt instead of popcorn salt. I’m just a sucker for food items and tools that are made for one very specific purpose.

Let’s begin. You need a pot, preferably with a clear lid so that you can kind of see what’s happing inside the magical land where popcorn is made.

In the pot add two tbsp of oil and two tbsp of the saffron liquid. Throw in about 3-5 corn kernels, put the lid on and turn the heat on to medium/high.

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Shake the pot every now and then to ensure the kernels are coated and that they don’t stay in one spot and burn.

Once all the kernels have popped, you know the oil it hot enough. CAREFULLY, lift up the lid enough to toss in the rest of the kernels. (I used 1/2 cup of unpopped kernels which makes about 5 cups of popcorn).

Once all the kernels are in, keep shaking the pot often and listen to how often the corn is popping. Once there is about 1-2 seconds between each pop, turn off the heat. Keep shaking the pot until you don’t hear anything pop.

Toss the freshly popped popcorn into a bowl. It should have the slightest touch of yellow and smell like saffron. Swooon.

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If you like butter on your popcorn, or really love saffron, then drizzle some of the saffron liquid directly onto the popcorn while tossing the popcorn in your other hand.

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saffron popcorn 13

Now it has little spots of bright orange and the flavor and smell of the saffron should be in full effect.

Add some salt and toss again. 

saffron popcorn 15

Yummy in my tummy. Let’s get a close up.

saffron popcorn 32

Oh mama. I love popcorn. 

Please make this the next time you crave popcorn. Oh and making it yourself is so much better than using the microwave kind. First, it’s cheaper. Second, it takes about the same time and you can create any flavor you want. Third, you feel like a bad ass. And finally, you don’t want to eat nuked food, if you can avoid using the microwave as much as possible your body and brain will thank you.

That’s it. I’m done with my little speech.

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