Quick + Easy Homemade Hummus

I love hummus. I have it almost every morning with warm pita bread. It reminds me of home and soothes my soul and listens to my problems and tells me I'm beautiful. I'm pretty sure everyone feels that way about hummus. Plus its also really tasty and good for you.

The type of hummus I made is more on the authentic side (smoother and sharper), due to the proportion of tahini. If you want to make hummus more like the kind you find at the supermarket, start with just a tablespoon of tahini and gradually add more to adjust the sharpness to your taste. 

Incase you're wondering what I mean by sharper, I mean pointier. No I don't. I mean like when you have a sharp cheese or something. You know what I mean? Whatever.

This type of hummus is more like the kind you get at a Lebanese restaurant.

So this is what you'll need:

Chickpeas (a.k.a garbanzo beans .. I don't like the word garbanzo. I prefer chickpeas. It's a deep seeded preference without any rhyme or reason), tahini (a.k.a. sesame paste .. It's really sesame butter .. It's like peanut butter made out of sesame seeds), lemon, garlic, extra virgin olive oil (you can get the slutty olive oil but I prefer extra virgin because it's not going to be cooked and you want the nice chaste and virginal olive flavor not the hussy kind), paprika and sumac are optional, just for garnish as well as the parsley. And don't forget ol' faithful S&P.

First thing on the agenda is rinsing your chickpeas. 

Then put them in a blender and add the garlic, tahini and olive oil (1/4 cup).

Puree and add more virginal olive oil. I found that it definitely needed more oil to round out the flavors and give it a nice texture.

Taste, add salt and pepper. Taste, probably add a bit more salt. 

Transfer to a bowl and garnish thusly:

Enjoy with warm pita bread. Also refrigerate before enjoying, it will be warm from all the blending and it won't taste as good as after it's been refrigerated and the flavors have had some time to get to know each other and let their true personalities shine. Right after mixing them they are still a bit shy. The next day your hummus should be outgoing and tasty!

Ahem. Bye.




2 15oz cans of chickpeas (a.k.a. garbanzo beans)
1/4 cup of tahini (sesame paste)
1 lemon
1 clove of garlic
1/4 cup of olive oil (plus more to taste)
pinch of paprika
pinch of sumac (optional)
1 teaspoon of minced parsley


Open the cans of chickpeas and rinse under running water.

Add chickpeas to blender or food processor.

Add tahini (stir before adding), lemon juice, olive oil, roughly chopped garlic and S&P.

Puree until smooth.

Taste, if too sharp add more lemon juice or water. If not smooth add more olive oil. You will need lots of salt, so add to taste.

I added more water, olive oil and salt to my taste. Olive oil and water help even and round out the flavors.

Serve in bowl, drizzle olive oil and sprinkle paprika and sumac.

Garnish with minced parsley

Enjoy with warm pita bread!