Ingredient Spotlight: Papaya Chutney

So, my bestie Ananda sent me the most amazing jam from her vacation in Hawaii. (Luckyyyyyyyyy)

It's my new favorite ingredient. It's actually a chutney, so it's sweet and spicy, which is one of my favorite flavor combos.

At first, I used it as a spread with cheese and crackers (which was ahhhmazing).

Now, I'm thinking of using it in a very unusual way.

Remember when I made my We Jammin' Cocktails in the photo below? 


Click on the link above then, boo boo.

Basically, I threw *a heaping spoonful* of jam into a cocktail shaker with vodka and a bunch of other yummy things and made a cocktail that even my husband couldn't resist. 

And he doesn't like to drink.

I'm thinking of making a sweet and spicy cocktail with the papaya chutney. You know, kind of like those jalapeño cocktails, but sweeter.

I will experiment with it and post the cocktail once it's perfect and habit-forming.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this easy to make and refreshing cocktail that went so well with the papaya chutney and cheese.

It's basically a Pineapple Bellini, made with fresh pureed and strained pineapple. 

And champagne. 

Glorious, decadent champagne.

Stay tuned for the chutney cocktail recipe!

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