Fortnum & Mason: The Tiffany's of Food

 Hey guys, I'm in London right now.

Jolly good! #sorrynotsorry

The cake in the photo is from Fortnum & Mason, a 307 year old department store that I like to call the Tiffany's of Food.


Exhibit A:

(Photo above by Blogs de Voyage)

Just look at the lovely shade of blue. 

Forget breakfast at Tiffany's, I want tea at Fortnum's.

Speaking of tea, I had afternoon tea with my amazing mother, which leads me to Exhibit B:

Again with the Tiffany's blue. Swoon.

They even had a gluten-free afternoon tea, that totally didn't taste gluten-free, if you know what I mean.

Double swoon.

Fortnum's Diamond Jubilee Tea Room has been awarded by The Tea Guild.

"The Tea Guild Awards are now in their 27th year and are the renowned awards for the afternoon tea industry, compared as the Oscars of the afternoon tea world." - Afternoon Tea Online

You know you're in England when you see a Tea Guild Award:

 I'm all swooned out.

They have the most amazing tea, coffee, biscuits, honey, confections and preserves of all kinds.

They also have all your hopes and dreams wrapped up in the vibrant, colorful packaging.

Wait, there's more:

 Lastly, a few honorable mentions.

1.) This guy:

2.) A famous British dessert known as Spotted Dick:

3.) Truffle. Honey.

In the words of Ice Cube: "Today was a good day."