Fat Burning Salad Dressing

 Summer is looming ever closer...

More pressure to burn fat than ever...

I'm trying my hardest, so I came up with a fat burning salad dressing that I could tolerate.

I've also included a list of fat burning ingredients to add to your salad to really up your fat burning game.

How many times have I said fat burning?

Too many?

Not enough?

This salad dressing is super easy to make, this is all you need:

Plus, salt and pepper.

If you're into that kind of thing.

I love using mason jars for salad dressing because you can mix and store the dressing all in the same container which means less dishes to wash!

So, put a pinch of red chili flakes in the mason jar:

Add as much as you feel comfortable with, I like pretty spicy food so this is how much I used.

The capsaicin in chiles helps boost your metabolism, so if you have cayenne pepper you can use that instead.

Remember when Beyonce went on that diet where she drank cayenne powder with lemon juice and maple syrup?

*Slayyyyyy Queen Bey*


Next you want the juice of about half a grapefruit:

Grapefruit has amazing fat burning qualities and I usually find it hard to eat them just straight up, so using them in a salad dressing is way more palatable to me.

Also, it makes you have a salad which is not a bad thing.

Unless you hate salads.

In which case, I'm so sorry we got off on the wrong foot here.

I have a nutella ice cream recipe if that's more your thing...

I know, that was evil of me, mentioning that in the middle of this post.

he he he

Life is all about balance.

And nutella.

Anyway, back to the grapefruit \_(''/)_/

Add equal parts extra virgin olive oil to this:

Contrary to popular belief, there are good fats.

Olive oil is one of those good fats.

Enjoy it.

Basque in it.

Add a drizzle of honey to it:

Shake it up, add S&P to taste and adjust seasonings if necessary. 

Here are some fat burning ingredients to include in your salad:

Veggies & Fruits: Green leafy salad greens Asparagus Broccoli Tomatoes Apples Pears Berries Citrus

Protein: Eggs Lean white meat (Chicken/Turkey) Tofu Salmon

Good Fats: Nuts/Seeds Avocado Parmesan Cheese

Starch: Quinoa Lentils Brown Rice Sweet potato Beans/Legumes

Any other fat burning ingredients you like to use in salads or any other dish? 

Comment below and let me know!




1 part grapefruit juice
1 part extra virgin olive oil
pinch of red chili flakes
drizzle of honey
S&P, to taste


Combine in mason jar and shake or in a bowl and whisk.

Dressing will get spicier as it sits.