Ultimate BBQ Burger

BBQ season is here!

Time to ruin the beach body that you worked so hard for with this Ultimate BBQ Burger.

This is also the Ultimate Cheat Day Recipe.

Just love yourself and take a bite.

Everything will be fine.


This burger kind of has a slight Asian twist with the condiments.

I made a hoisin mayonnaise and a gochujang ketchup. They can be made a few days in advance and couldn't be simpler.

It's a basic formula: 1/4 cup of the condiment, about a tablespoon (more or less, to taste) of the flavoring agent (lol, I said flavoring agent) and then you combine and taste and adjust it to your liking.

First up is the hoisin mayonnaise. It's kind of like BBQ sauce mixed with mayo (which is a popular combination in Alabama where it's known as "White BBQ Sauce." Fun fact. ) but since I'm using hoisin it has a slightly Asian twist and goes really well with the green onion (like in Peking Duck) which I will be using later.

*Ooo, what if I made a Peking duck burger, with a hoisin glazed patty, raw green onion and cucumber and the soft buns? Is that something you guys would be into? Let me know in the comments.*

This is how you make it, it's so easy:

In keeping with the "slightly Asian" theme, I made gochujang ketchup. Gochujang is a spicy Korean red pepper paste. If you can't find it, just use Sriracha or you're favorite hot sauce instead.

 Now that your condiments are done, set them aside.

Begin cooking by crisping up the bacon, since you will be cooking the other items in bacon fat.

Yes, bacon fat.

Homie don't play.

Once your bacon is draining on a paper towel, sauté the green onion in the remaining bacon fat.

As that drains, cook the burger patty in the bacon fat to desired doneness.

While the burger cooks, get your lettuce and tomato ready.

Since this is the Ultimate BBQ Burger, I couldn't just use regular-ass tomatoes and lettuce.

(Although you totally can, I just feel the need to impress you guys to validate my life choices, so that's what that's about)

I used butter lettuce and an heirloom tomato:

If you like your buns buttered or toasted (or buttered AND toasted), now would be the time to do that.

Once your bun is ready, spread your condiments on each side:

Dude, doesn't this look like peanut butter and jelly?

It would make the best prank!

If someone expecting a PB&J takes a bite of this spicy ketchup and umami BBQ tasting mayo that would a priceless moment in many ways.

Anyway, layer this baby up:

At this point, most people in their right mind would stop, put the top bun on, take a bite (or 5), and call it a day.

I'm sure by now, most of you know I am not most people, I'm definitely not in my right mind and that's why I did this:





1 pretzel bun (or whichever burger bun you prefer)
4 oz ground meat (I used organic grass-fed beef 85% lean, but turkey or chicken works if you prefer)
2 strips of bacon, crisped up
1 green onion/scallion, sautéed
1 heirloom tomato, just one slice is needed (make a salad, maybe w/ burrata cheese, with the rest of the tomato)
1-2 leaves of butter lettuce (or whatever lettuce or greens you prefer)
BBQ chips (I used the Lays kind in snack size)
1/4 cup mayo
1/4 cup ketchup
hoisin sauce, to taste
gochujang (or sriracha), to taste


First thing to do is make the condiments, you can even make them a few days in advance.

Place the mayo and ketchup in separate containers.

To the mayo, add hoisin and combine. Taste and adjust.

To the ketchup, add gochujang (or sriracha) and combine. Taste and adjust.

Start by crisping up the bacon, since you will cook the green onion and burger in the bacon fat.

Once the bacon is crisped, drain on a paper towel and set aside.

Cook the green onion in the bacon fat until it has nice char marks on it and has softened.

Form, season and cook the burger to desired doneness.

If desired, toast the burger bun in the bacon fat as well.

Assemble the burger with each condiment on a side of the bun, layer the lettuce, tomato, burger patty, bacon and green onion. Top if off with the chips and place the top bun on top and squish it down.

Dig in.