Banana Biscoff Ice Cream (No Dairy, Paleo, Guilt-Free!)

 Making Banana Biscoff Ice Cream is so easy. You don't need an ice cream maker, just a food processor or blender. It's a totally guilt-free ice cream base made of literally just bananas and a spoonful of some speculoos cookie spread known as Biscoff, an optional indulgence.

To keep it super healthy, add fruits and/or nuts and seeds or just a little drizzle of honey or maybe your favorite nut butter.

If you're wondering, Biscoff is a spread that is made of crushed up cookies that are popular with coffee in Europe. They are also known as speculoos cookies and Trader Joe's makes some good ones. There is even one that's a swirl mixed with Trader Joe's version of nutella, I haven't tried it but it seems promising.

This is one of those recipes that is stupid easy. For as much ice cream as you see in the photo above (those are mini scoops btw), peel and slice 2 bananas and freeze overnight.

The next morning when you check them they should look like this:

Process or blend the frozen banana slices and watch the magic happen.

First it's gonna be choppy and get stuck into a ball for a bit, don't freak out just let it work through it's phases like an annoying child. Then it's gonna get silkier but still a little chunky, bear with it. Again, like a child, if you take care of it the right way it should be worth it when they grow up.

Finally, it's gonna get creamy and frozen and have the same texture as ice cream!

Yay! You're hard work paid off and now you have a child that turned out how you wanted them too.

But they just taste like banana.

Which isn't bad but you're an overbearing parent so you're going to critique your child and try to change who they truly are, but it's for the better. They'll thank you one day.

I hope the 'ice cream is your child' metaphor accurately describes the process of making this dessert.

Anyway, I chose to add some Biscoff (or speculoos cookie spread) and some honey.

 It's crazy how a few ingredients can make something so good. 

Freeze it in the freezer to let it set up and it will be perfectly scoopable.

I garnished with an actual Biscoff cookie just for consistency and shit.

 You have to try this.

It has a distinct banana taste that it balanced out with the addition of other items but the impressive thing is the texture.  If you wanna try this but hate bananas then I would try mixing it a little vanilla extract as well as other flavors just to mask the banana a bit more.

Try it with peanut butter and honey or spice it with a little cinnamon or add a spoonful of nutella instead of Biscoff.

Let me know what combinations you would try!




2 bananas, (peeled, sliced and frozen)
1 spoonful Biscoff or speculoos cookie spread
drizzle of honey (optional)
Biscoff or speculoos cookie for garnish (optional)


Peel and slice sweet and ripened (black dots are good!) bananas into coins, and freeze in a freezer safe container or Ziplock bag for at least a few hours or overnight for best results.

The next day, using a food processor or high powered blender, process the bananas until it resembles ice cream. It will go through stages, first it will be chunky, then it will ball up and then it will spread out and finally it will smooth out and become the consistency of soft serve ice cream.

Once you reach that point you have successfully made "just-banana ice cream!"

At this point you can add any flavorings, I added a spoon of Biscoff/Speculoos cookie spread and a drizzle of orange blossom honey.

Allow to freeze in freezer to completely set up.