Egg in a Hole w/ Sumac + Aleppo Pepper

Egg in hole. Toad in a hole. Eggs in a basket.

Whatever you call it, one thing remains the same.

It's delicious.

What makes it even better is if you take the time to use the best ingredients you can find, especially since this recipe is so simple. 

But if you just have regular-ass toast and some eggs don't let what I just said stop you.

I love pastured eggs (not to be confused with pasteurized eggs) because the yolks tend to be richer and more orange in color. Pastured eggs means that the chickens are allowed to roam and eat grasses and a variety of other things besides corn.

Now for the spices, I used sumac. Sumac is a Middle Eastern spice which is actually made from ground up berries. It gives a nice tart flavor to things and will brighten up any rich dish.

Next up is aleppo pepper. It's known as halaby in the Middle East. It's just like regular chili flakes except it has a bit more flavor other than just HOT. It's slightly sweet. 

You can totally use regular chili flakes instead of this but if you're about that gourmet life, try these you can use them anywhere else you use red chili flakes.

Now for the bread. When recipes are pretty simple (like this one is) I like to use really good ingredients.

Manresa Bread is made by the three Michelin star restaurant in Los Gatos, CA. It's amazing and can be found at the Palo Alto and Campbell farmer's markets.

Slice some bread and shed a tear for how beautiful this bread is.

Look at that:


Now, cut a hole in the center of the toast slice.

I used a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter because Fall.

You can use a jar or glass instead of a cookie/biscuit cutter.

(It was kind of pointless to use the cookie cutter because the pumpkin shape was not visible once I cracked the egg in the hole.)

Toast one side of the toast.

Flip it over and then add the egg and season (except for sumac, save that for the end because it will change color and bleed if cooked too long).

Cover the pan when cooking to make sure to cook the whites on top since you won't be flipping the toast over again, unless you like living on the edge.

Don't forget to brown the toast holes!

Sprinkle on the sumac once the egg is done and serve it with the toast hole.

If you like this extra spicy, add some harissa for fun.

Dig in!




a slice of toast
1 egg
pinch of sumac
pinch of aleppo pepper flakes (or just regular chili flakes)
butter or oil, as needed


Melt butter in a pan.

In the meantime use a cookie/biscuit cutter (or just an upside down glass or jar) to cut out a hole in the center of the toast. Reserve the toast hole.

Place the toast in the pan and brown on one side. Once browned, flip the toast over.

Crack an egg in the hole of the toast. Season with S+P and the aleppo pepper only at this point, save the sumac for the end because it will change color if cooked too long.

Cover the pan to create steam to cook the whites on top of the egg a bit, you still want the yolk to be runny.

Once the egg is cooked to your liking, season with the sumac.

Quickly toast the toast hole on both sides in the pan with a bit of butter to get it golden brown and crispy.

Dig in and Enjoy!