World Cup 2014 Cocktails

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So, as we all know, the World Cup 2014 has reached the semi-finals phase. In light of this holy occasion, I have decided the Top Four Football Teams in the World deserve a cocktail in their honor.

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Rue Meynadier Cannes, France

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Rue Meynadier is a street in Cannes, France that is riddled with historic specialty food shops and other fun shops. It’s a must see if you are in the area. If you can’t make it to the French Riveria but would love to see it, don’t worry, I got you covered 😉 .

The legendary macarons at Jean Luc Pelé are an absolute must:

rue meynadier cannes france 3

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Easy Game of Thrones Party Menu

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After the immense popularity of my 10 Game of Thrones Cocktails, I felt like I had to make a Game of Thrones Party Menu to go along with all that booze.


This easy Game of Thrones party menu is an impressive way to spice up GoT night with friends or your significant other. Or even just for you boo boo. Treat yo self.

We begin the journey in Dorne.

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Game of Thrones Lemon Cakes

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game of thrones lemon cakes 109

Game of Thrones Lemon Cakes are so comforting when you’re watching a show where the characters you like are routinely murdered, and the ones you hate the most live another day to scheme and plot.

Although she doesn’t seem like a schemer (yet), there are two things you can count on with Sansa Stark: (1) she loves lemon cakes, and (2) she’s going to make a stupid decision.


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Ingredient Spotlight: Papaya Chutney

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papaya chutney pineapple champagne cocktail 8

So, my bestie Ananda sent me the most amazing jam from her vacation in Hawaii. (Luckyyyyyyyyy)

It’s my new favorite ingredient. It’s actually a chutney, so it’s sweet and spicy, which is one of my favorite flavor combos.

At first, I used it as a spread with cheese and crackers (which was ahhhmazing).

papaya chutney pineapple champagne cocktail 7

Now, I’m thinking of using it in a very unusual way.

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