about me

I live in California, I'm obsessed with Disney and I can’t eat healthy food if it doesn’t taste good. So, I try to cook healthy food that doesn’t taste like shit.

I graduated from culinary school in Northern California, worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant in the area and learned tons. Now I want to use what I’ve learned to make lighter foods using local and seasonal ingredients (also makes them less expensive 😉 ) Many foods here are Western with a Middle Eastern twist. That's kind of my thing. But not always. I don't want to limit myself, and neither should you!

You'll find cheat day recipes and cocktails here too.

Let's not pretend.

If you have any general comments or questions feel free to click here and post in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Recipe requests are very welcome there and I will try my best to make the most requested items.

If you guys are interested in certain items for GIVEAWAYS that is also the place to comment with your requests and use it like your wishlist!