Mystery Ingredient: Week 2

So, I missed last week because I was out of the country and wasn’t going to be able to visit a farmer’s market to get a mystery ingredient. If you are just tuning in, I decided to buy something I’ve never cooked with from a farmer’s market each week and try to make something delicious out of it. Last week was daikon. This week is turnips. 

I never buy them and I’m trying to branch out and eat more veggies so I picked them because they looked fun. I remembered that the only time I ever ate turnips was when I would have shawarma and they would have pickled turnips in the sandwich. They’re fuchsia and taste like pickles, except crunchier. So I decided to make some with this little bunch of turnips I got.

If you like pickles, you will like these. If you love pickles, yep, you guessed it. You will love these.

This is what you need:


Chop off the tops and bottoms of the turnips.

IMG_1988 IMG_1989

Peel and slice them. I sliced them into discs to look like the pickle chips that usually go in sandwiches to make this more familiar. Traditionally, they are cut into short, chunky strips.

IMG_1992 IMG_1993

Elephant garlic. My new obsession. It’s bigger but milder. Sweeter. I need to roast a whole head of elephant garlic…. 


This photograph is for size reference purposes. I am very professional and business-like. 

IMG_1996 IMG_1997

Cut the elephant garlic into strips, and cut the turnips and beet into discs. 

IMG_1999 IMG_2001

Layer the turnips, garlic and beet on top of each other in a jar. Repeat until the jar is full.

IMG_2002 IMG_2005

 Then fill the jar with a mixture of the water and vinegar.

IMG_2006   IMG_2010 

Seal and store in the refrigerator for about a week. You want the liquid to look like the jar on the right and the turnips to turn look bright fuchsia. Also, use less beets than I did. A thin slice (or two max) should do it.

IMG_2011  IMG_2100

Excuse my disgusting thumb nail polish situation. 


Pickled Turnip (Kabees El Lift)

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