Rose Infused Vodka


So, I love making infusions. You can infuse pretty much anything into any liquid. Water, oil, or ahem, alcohol. I wanted to infuse a vodka with something exotic. Something you don’t see everyday. I used this to make my Rosey Posey Cocktail.

I spotted some dried rose buds in a Middle Eastern market and all of a sudden everything came rushing at me at once. No, it didn’t actually. I was intrigued by the rose buds so I just threw them in my basket. Then a few days later I bought some vodka that I wanted to infuse.

That led to me standing in my kitchen holding a bottle of vodka and just looking around for something to throw into the vodka, besides my face.

Then I spotted the rose buds I had placed in a mason jar to display cuz I’m so original. And then it hit me! Or maybe it gently nudged me. ROSE VODKA. Adios mio! Santa Maria “Heysus”! I had never seen rose vodka before.


I mean I’m sure it exists and that I’m not as amazing as I feel I am right now but whatever. I haven’t stumbled upon it yet so it must not be that common. Hmph.

Anyway. It actually turned out great! The vodka looks soooo pretty with a rose colored hue. It smells like a bouquet of roses (um, fucking awesome). It tastes like vodka with a bit of the edge taken off, a floral quality that is simply divine. I’ve always wanted to say simply divine, but I find that there is no way to say it without sounding like I’m trying to be the Queen of England. Do you share my sentiments bro? 

OK enough of the yapping. This is how the process went (I wonder if I can express this recipe exclusively through pictures?):

IMG_1840 IMG_1843

IMG_1846 IMG_1847

IMG_1853 IMG_1854

 IMG_1859 IMG_1861

IMG_1862 IMG_1864 

I think that was pretty clear. If not, as always, the recipe card is at the end of the post. You can print it out too if you’re into killing innocent trees. 🙂

Now the patience part of this recipe comes into play. Store it an a cool dry place. Against the wall on your kitchen counter is a good place. Start out infusing it overnight or a few hours if you make this early in the day. Then keep checking on it. Look for the color you want. Smell it. Taste it. Fuck it. Just kidding. Unless you’re into that type of thing. Not judging. 

Basically, you want it to smell like roses and have a slight floral taste and nice rose colored hue. If you infuse it longer than overnight you need to be watching it every now and then because it can turn from floral to funky on you.

This is the how it looked when I decided to stop infusing it:

IMG_1878 IMG_1879

You want the rose buds to lose all their color and flavor and infuse into the voddie.

Now strain the vodka:

IMG_1880 IMG_1881

Store in the fridge for a few weeks (although it would be so sad if it lasted that long in your fridge).

If you’re like me then you usually store your hard liquor in the freezer. This liquor is now a liqueur of sorts, so you don’t wanna freeze it. Cuz it will actually freeze. No bueno.

Enjoy! I’m waiting for it it to chill and then I’m gonna play around with cocktail recipes. After taking a straight shot of it first of course. 😉


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