Green Chile Hummus

green chile hummus 41

 Why haven’t I thought of this before? Nowadays they have every flavor of hummus imaginable. Roasted red pepper, roasted garlic, artichoke, you name it. I have never seen green chile hummus. Maybe they have some in New Mexico, but I didn’t see any when I was there.

This stuff is soooo easy to make and it can be used so many different ways.

I like it straight up with some pita bread. I need to find a way to make a paleo pita bread, that actually tastes good.

Anyway, this is what you need:

green chile hummus 5

I used hot chiles, but I found that the hummus wasn’t spicy at all. Keep that in mind when you choose the heat level of your chiles.

Also, I used grape seed oil because it doesn’t have much flavor and I didn’t want the olive oil to overshadow the green chiles. If you have any another vegetable oil use that, otherwise olive oil is just fine if it’s all you have.

Begin by rinsing off the chickpeas/garbanzo beans.

green chile hummus 6

Add them to a blender or food processor.

green chile hummus 7

Add a 1/4 cup of tahini.

green chile hummus 9

Then add a small can of diced green chiles, juice and all.

green chile hummus 15

Add the juice of a lime.

green chile hummus 17

I’m so glad I was able to include this vital photograph of a lime cut in half.

Add S&P, to taste.

green chile hummus 20

While the hummus is blending, pour the oil in until it reaches the desired consistency.

green chile hummus 21

Once smooth, taste and adjust seasonings.

green chile hummus 23

I added a bit more salt and touch more oil. It was perfecto!

green chile hummus 37

Oh and that dark red stuff is sumac (google it). It’s a Middle Eastern spice that has a tart flavor. It’s a traditional garnish for hummus and it goes well with the green chiles, but it’s also totally optional. 

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