Sage & Citrus Sunset Cocktail

citrus sage sunset cocktail 78

 So, there’s a story behind this one.

It all started with a sushi lunch with my one of my favorite people, Nava. So, we’re sipping on miso soup and I mention that I need to make a stop and get some fresh thyme for this recipe I had in mind. Nava, ever the helpful one, goes, “Oh, I just got some fresh thyme the other day and I don’t need it anymore. You should come over after lunch and I’ll give it to you so it doesn’t go to waste.” So sweet of her right? I was like “Ok, perfect!”

Fast forward to us at Nava’s place.

She opens the fridge and pulls this out:

citrus sage sunset cocktail 4 “Here you go,” she says, “Fresh thyme!”

I deadpan. “Dude, this is sage.”

“What? No, it was sold to me as thyme!” she swears.

This makes me doubt myself. “Hold on,” I say, pulling out my phone, “Let me google thyme.”

Sure enough, it’s not fucking thyme just like I knew it wasn’t. After laughing about it we somehow end up in her enormous backyard where she has the most beautiful lemon tree. “Oh, let me get you a bag so you can pick some fresh lemons,” she goes. I told you she was a helpful one.

So, we picked some lemons, sipped some tea and I went on my merry way with a bag full of lemons and, ahem, SAGE (are you reading this Nava lol).

citrus sage sunset cocktail 1

The lemons were organic and quite charismatic.

Even Primo was intrigued.

citrus sage sunset cocktail 10

Look at this one:

citrus sage sunset cocktail 14

It reminds me of that fruit, Buddha’s hand.

It looks cray cray.

citrus sage sunset cocktail 28 citrus sage sunset cocktail 30

This angle makes it look like the lemon is giving birth to another lemon:

citrus sage sunset cocktail 32

Riiiiight?? Like, can you see the lemon legs spread out giving birth to a little lemon baby?

Anyway, after I got over this lemon. I decided to make a cocktail using the lemons and sage as inspiration.

I gathered the following ingredients:

citrus sage sunset cocktail 24

(Side note: I did not use all the lemons in the cocktail, that would have been insanely sour).

I cut open all the citrus. I was so excited to cut through the weird lemons. For the sake of science, of course. Not like in a weird Frankenstien science-experiment kind of way, though. Ok, maybe it was exactly like that.

citrus sage sunset cocktail 42

citrus sage sunset cocktail 41 So pretty and whimsical!

I feel like these were the kind of lemons that Alice would have seen when she was in Wonderland. I love that movie. And I love, love, love Aladdin. And The Lion King. Ok, fine. I’m obsessed with Disney, ok? Are you happy now? 

As I mentioned before, I juiced all the oranges and limes, and only one of the lemons. (I squeezed the juice out of the rest of the lemons and kept it in a separate container in the fridge for whenever I need fresh lemon juice).

citrus sage sunset cocktail 44

I ended up with 3/4 cup of orange, lemon and lime juice.

If you have one, now is the time to whip out your cocktail shaker. 

citrus sage sunset cocktail 46

It’s the weekend bay-bay!!!

Add some ice:

citrus sage sunset cocktail 47

An oz (or more 😉 ) of vodka:

citrus sage sunset cocktail 49

The mixed citrus juice:

citrus sage sunset cocktail 51

And finally, a sprig of sage. Thyme would work well here too, incase your grocer sells thyme marked as sage (I’m looking at you, Nava).

You don’t really taste the sage in the final product, it’s more of a herbal fragrance, which is divine. 

citrus sage sunset cocktail 56

Shake it like a polaroid picture.

Or like my chihuahua when he’s trying to make me feel sorry for him.

Grab a glass and fill it with ice:

citrus sage sunset cocktail 60 Pour the vodka and juice mixture into the glass. This recipe yields two cocktails, if you’re using a small glass like I did. Only fill the cup halfway full with the citrus juice mixture.

citrus sage sunset cocktail 61

Spill it all over the place and try to laugh about it but really you’re crying sad, sad tears of shame.

Wipe it up and shake your head as if this is the most serious thing that has ever happened.

And now I want to introduce one of my favorite cocktail tricks. To layer a drink in different colors, place a spoon upside down over the glass like so:

citrus sage sunset cocktail 63

 Then slowly and gently pour the pomegranate juice (or other reddish/pink juice you like) over the back of the spoon. It should sink to the bottom of the glass, underneath the citrus mixture.

citrus sage sunset cocktail 65

Not the best picture, sorry. You try doing it while taking a picture at the same time, ok?! Whoa, I’m sorry. I got a little defensive there.

citrus sage sunset cocktail 68

Isn’t she a beauty? Just like a sunset. 

But wait! I’m not finished yet. How will people know this drink is made with sage (not thyme!)?

I know! Put another sprig in the drink. Then you can smell the fresh herbs while you sip.

citrus sage sunset cocktail 82 citrus sage sunset cocktail 88

Yay! It’s cocktail time!

Enjoy the weekend y’all! (P.S. I’m not Southern, don’t know why I said y’all).

As this post comes to a conclusion I would like to remind all of you that I’m Sarah McLachlan and these innocent recipes don’t ask for money.

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