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detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 35

Again with this heat!

Ugh. What the fuck happened to spring?!

The heat makes me angry.

For my own safety, and that of those around me, I couldn’t turn on the oven or stove or any device that emanates heat of any sort. I would have gone into a seething rage. I only wanted things that were chilled or ice-cold. Nothing hotter than room temperature was entering my body.

So, I made water.

Detox Spa Water, to be exact.

In case someone hasn’t had “spa water,” it’s basically just water infused with fruits, veggies or herbs.

This is how it all went down:

detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 5 detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 6 detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 7 detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 8 detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 2 detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 11 detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 12 detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 37 detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 13

I used a lot of ingredients in comparison to the water. I like an intense fruit taste and as many of the detoxifying properties as I can get, then I just top it off with more water when needed. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, or your business casual, just use the same amount of fruits but place them in a pitcher. Or keep the glass but use less fruit. Whatever.

detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 16 detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 17 detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 19

So pretty.

I’m a sucker for pretty food floating in liquids.

Plus the all of these ingredients aid in purifying the body.

detox spa water strawberry mint lemon lime cucumber 30

The strawberry & mint was my favorite.

The lemon & lime is going to be my new water to start the day, very good for digestion and metabolism.

The cucumber was very cucumber-y. Not bad. Not my fav, but it’s an appetite suppressant.

Let me know what variations you would make.

I wanna try making a chia seed water. I’ll post it on Instagram.


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39 thoughts on “Detox Spa Water

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    • Hi Ruth, you can absolutely use spring water or any other type of water you prefer! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Can you reuse the fruit(refill it) and how many time if so? Or should you just make a fresh cup every time?

    • Yes, you can refill water using the same fruit until the fruit loses it’s freshness (for example, loses color or becomes very wilted) or when you taste a change in the intensity of flavor. If you are concerned about it, I would just change the fruit after 3 refills. Enjoy detoxing! 🙂

    • Although it’s not ideal, if you start out with natural sweeteners and then challenge yourself to slowly reduce the amount until you can enjoy them without additional sweeteners then why not? Whatever it takes for you to take the first step is all that matters! Also, I think you’ll find the strawberry & mint one the easiest to drink without a sweetener, especially if you get really sweet strawberries from your local farmer’s market. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I can’t “LIKE” or subscribe – Language just not necessary or positive. Too bad as I do like what you have presented.

    • Aww, that really is too bad! I totally understand your right to your beliefs 🙂 I cannot change myself to make everybody happy, that is impossible anyway. Thank you for taking the time to give me your feedback, I hope you can accept me as I am but if not, that’s ok too. I’m happy with myself as you should be too 🙂 Have a great day and thanks for commenting!

      • I have to agree with the commenter above, certain colorful language can be sometimes an addition to a piece of writing, but only judiciously so. Your use of the “F” word is more than a detraction, it is verbal violence. I was so disappointed to see your response to the reader, the disrespect for her, and lack of compassion, and honestly was surprised by a lack of any remorse. This is not an apology to her, or to other readers. I think you may find that more success will follow you as a writer, and as a person, the more humility and integrity you are able to embrace. Please don’t respond defensively, I say these things only for your benefit and that of your readers. I hope you will have the strength to truly hear, rather than discarding the bit of advice. Thank you.

        • I hope this doesn’t come across as defensive, I am simply trying to explain. Although I respect your opinion and above all, your right to have and share it, I am not sorry for my language. I was not trying to make an apology or express remorse, I was attempting to defend my right to use the language I did while also respecting the commenters right to use the language they prefer. The way I write is visceral and most people either love it or hate it right away. I love getting feedback from readers and I really wish I could make everyone happy without having to change things innate to me, but that is impossible.

          However, if it comes across as disrespect I would like to sincerely apologize for that, as it was never my intention. I was being honest when I said that I like myself and don’t want to change my language. I did not mean that in a rude way, I wish you could hear my tone because it really isn’t aggressive at all lol. I can always work on my humility and integrity and thank you for the reminder 🙂 Although I agree that using the “F” word in a serious way to hurt someone is verbal violence, I did not use it in that way. I was just upset about the heat. It really bugs me! LOL

          Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. Will this detox help me lose this big belly? I’m losing weight but my belly isn’t moving like I want it to. My pants are too big in my thigh area but still fits tight around the belly. Situs and crunches aren’t doing the trick. Can you help me please.

    • Although I’m not a certified personal trainer, I do know that the best way to lose belly fat or any fat really, is not necessarily to target that specific muscle (although that is also not a bad thing) but instead to do cardio excercises as well which causes you to lose weight all over your body, including your belly. Generally, you start losing weight in the last place you gained it. Hope this helps and good luck!

  5. Thanks for the article. I really enjoyed reading it. I will definitely try the strawberry and mint. As well as the lemon and lime.

    Thanks again,

    • Thank you so much! Really means a lot 🙂 Let me know how it goes! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Thx. I’m going to do your detox methods as well. Also I found out that tumeric and cumin sprinkled in the water will help with joints inflammation. I’m trying to stay away from all that meds the doctors give me. I’m going natural. What do you think? Have you researched

    • Hi Adrienne, I absolutely love turmeric and it has loads of anti-inflammatory properties. If you are interested, I have an anti-inflammation salad dressing that you might like. Click here to get to the post. I’m not sure what your medications are for and I wouldn’t recommend you not to follow doctors orders, however supplementing with natural remedies and holistic medicine is a great way to take a balanced approach to your health. I have researched a bit on inflammation and weight loss and having a detox water each morning or whenever a craving hits as well as substituting a healthy salad for a meal each day day can be a great way to start your fitness journey. Best wishes 🙂

    • A did a little research on natural remedies for arthritis and ginger and turmeric are great anti-inflammatories. I make a ginger. garlic and turmeric paste that is a delicious but also a great tasty way to get those ingredients into your diet. I have the recipe for the paste itself right here (you can make a big batch and it keeps in the fridge for a while).

      Also, I have a shrimp recipe with the paste that is insanely quick and easy, not to mention addictive. Just ask my dog, Primo lol.

      Anyway, I really hope this helps you with your arthritis and also getting fit! Happy Sunday 🙂

    • I wouldn’t, because it might become way too intense and the fruits/veggies may wilt. If you want to prep in advance to make it quicker in the mornings, you could cut the fruits/veggies in advance and store in an airtight container overnight so that when you wake up the next day you just add water and go!

    • I can’t see why you can’t drink as much as you want! To really get the benefits, drinking some when you first wake up and before going to sleep would be helpful.

  7. How long should the detox be taken before actual results are seen? There are some that say for a certain amount of days and then stop.

    • This detox is not meant to be a fast, so as long as you are eating there should be no limit to the days you can have infused water. Actual results will be seen when you eat healthy and exercise as well as drink the detox water. No secrets there! If you don’t change anything and just drink the water, don’t expect to see much results! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  8. I’ve started the detox water. I used bottle spring water and after I made a pitcher of cucumbers, a pitcher of strawberries and mint, a pitcher of lemon and a pitcher of strawberry, blue berry, raspberry all with mint leaves, I let sit over night then refilled the water bottles with each cocoction, and froze them so when I go out walking or wherever I take a bottle with me because I don’t drink soda or juice but I like some flavor every now and then. And through the night I sip on my lemon water, so by morning it’s melted and warm enough to drink and i put a Little in my green tea. Am I doing anything wrong? I also use my waterd to make my green smoothies for lunch and dinner but with out the mint bcuz it’s nasty when mixed with kale or a blend of mix greens.

  9. Hey heaping cup, where I’m from keeping it real, being 100 or being yourself gets much respect. It’s not what you do or say but how, that’s makes a difference. And since we can’t here your tone, we don’t know if you’re being aggressive. So maybe next time you respond to some one say, “Ist not my intention to offend or upset you, but I’m being myself and speaking from the heart, so…..” that way the person will understand your point. I appreciate and respect who you are. Don’t change that or feel guilty for being the person GOD created. You have the power to change if you so chose. Thumbs up for apologizing for offending m patell, but oh well, get over it, move on. There are so many more people who appreciate you. Keep your head up and keep in moving. Stay true to you. SMOOCHES!!!!

    • Thanks for the great advice Adrienne! That really means a lot to me! I will make much more of an effort to try to express my intentions more clearly because this is supposed to be a fun place and I want it to be a place where people can express themselves without any hesitation. Thanks again 😀 !!

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