The Husky and The Chihuahua

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Their eyes tell a story.

Primo (the chihuahua) is like, “You are making me sit. You have betrayed me. I will never trust you again.”

Raiden (the husky) is like, “Oh, you want me to sit still and look at you? OK.”

Allow me to formally introduce you to my fur-babies.

Primo, my 8 year-old chihuahua who’s really sick of my shit:

whole roasted cauliflower 57

Raiden, my 5 1/2 month old Siberian Husky who chooses to sleep like this:

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He doesn’t have to be in the crate. Why does he choose to lay like that? Looking at his neck makes mine hurt.

He could have laid on the floor.


Or even on the couch.


Awww, he was so little then.

Primo is always little.

And he’s always loved laying under the couch.

And in the sun.


He gets along pretty well with Raiden, even though Raiden is the new guy. 

And the big guy.

primo raiden 5 primo raiden 3

Let’s examine the paw situation a little more closely.

primo raiden 1

Ah, yes.

It is as I suspected.

An unbearable amount of cuteness.

But, not always.


Primo needs to establish his dominance from time to time.

It’s hard being a chihuahua.

All that sniffing.

And then you have to hitch a ride to get to the good stuff.

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Being Raiden ain’t easy either.

There’s always someone snapping photos in his face while saying his name over and over in a really high-pitch voice.


Girl, bye.