Alain Ducasse Le Louis XV Restaurant Review

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 Let me start off by saying I really enjoyed the “research” for Alain Ducasse Le Louis XV Restaurant Review.  It is a 3 Michelin Star restaurant (arguably the highest possible honor for restaurants) in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Frequently described as one of the world’s best restaurants, this place is a sight to see.

The chef, Alain Ducasse, is renowned and boasts world-class restaurants across the globe.

The decor at Louis XV is beyond opulent and the pomp and circumstance are all part of the experience.

As soon as you walk in, your eyes are met with this:

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Sketch Restaurant Review

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Sketch is a really quirky and whimsical 2 Michelin Star restaurant in London.

It’s definitely an experience in itself, and the short of it is: It’s really expensive but I recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

As soon as you walk in the door, you’re met with a hopscotch board that screams, “Hop on me!” 

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Easy Game of Thrones Party Menu

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After the immense popularity of my 10 Game of Thrones Cocktails, I felt like I had to make a Game of Thrones Party Menu to go along with all that booze.


This easy Game of Thrones party menu is an impressive way to spice up GoT night with friends or your significant other. Or even just for you boo boo. Treat yo self.

We begin the journey in Dorne.

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Game of Thrones Lemon Cakes

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game of thrones lemon cakes 109

Game of Thrones Lemon Cakes are so comforting when you’re watching a show where the characters you like are routinely murdered, and the ones you hate the most live another day to scheme and plot.

Although she doesn’t seem like a schemer (yet), there are two things you can count on with Sansa Stark: (1) she loves lemon cakes, and (2) she’s going to make a stupid decision.


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Game of Thrones Bowl of Brown (Paleo)

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game of thrones bowl of brown 65

 Flea Bottom’s finest!

A bowl of brown in honor of Game of Thrones, the greatest show that ever was or will be. 

If you’re not familiar with the infamous bowl of brown, it’s a years-old stew filled with mystery meat that is served in the poor areas of King’s Landing. That’s the clean version. It’s truly much more gruesome, but this is not the setting for such talk. 


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Omega-3 Eggs Benedict: Salmon Cakes w/ Caper Hollandaise (Gluten-Free)

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omega 3 benedict caper hollaindaise 81

Oooohhh… I love eggs benedict.

The runny yolk and the creamy lemony hollandaise… 

This version is loaded with omega-3’s and gluten-free!

Plus there’s a foolproof recipe for perfect hollandaise that you can make in a blender.

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