The Macaron Fairy: A Macaron Inspired Cocktail

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This macaron inspired cocktail was also inspired by my one of my favorite people on Earth: Miranda (a.k.a The Macaron Fairy).

She was sweet enough to send me a box of macarons from Bottega Louie, an amazing restaurant in Los Angeles.

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She got me an assortment: rose, pistachio, salted caramel and two mystery macarons.

How exciting!

photo 1 the macaron fairy cocktail 2 
The mystery macarons were the purple and brown ones.

The purple one was Violet Cassis; with violet infused buttercream & a cassis compote with white chocolate ganache.

The brown one was Praline; with praline buttercream & fresh Valencia orange zest.

Sooo goood!

The box came with a mysterious note:

the macaron fairy cocktail 49


So, I was on a mission.

I needed to create a cocktail inspired by the macarons.

Step one was knowing my friend well enough to know she wanted a vodka based cocktail.

Step two was making my salted caramel syrup, as a tribute to the salted caramel macaron that was beyond addictive, and using it as the sweetener since I know my friend well enough to know she likes her cocktails sweet, just like her 😉 .

Did I mention I know my friend well?

Ok, good, because I do.

Step three was realizing I needed to use cassis (a liqueur made from black currants), the flavor of the Violet Cassis macaron.

Step four was deciding to use fresh Valencia orange juice since the Praline macaron had Valencia orange zest in it.

Step five was getting all the ingredients:

the macaron fairy cocktail 12 the macaron fairy cocktail 21

 Things were looking good and I was getting thirsty. After playing around with different combinations this was the cocktail I came up with in honor of Miranda, a person I’m quite lucky to know 🙂 :

Start by tossing some ice into a cocktail shaker and add as much vodka as you think you need for one cocktail (I used 1 oz).

Then add an oz each of cassis and salted caramel syrup:

the macaron fairy cocktail 15 the macaron fairy cocktail 18

 If you like your drinks super sweet, add just 3 oz of fresh squeezed orange juice. I added 4 oz and I thought it was still sweet. If you aren’t sure, taste after adding 3 oz of the OJ and add more if it’s too sweet.

the macaron fairy cocktail 24 the macaron fairy cocktail 26

Add a thin slice of orange into a glass for garnish (or a macaron on the rim if you have enough self control to save a macaron for garnish, I don’t), shake the cocktail and pour it into the glass.

the macaron fairy cocktail 29 the macaron fairy cocktail 57 
Happy Sipping!

the macaron fairy cocktail 53

I’d like to give thanks to Miranda, The Macaron Fairy.

This one’s for you!



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