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Sketch is a really quirky and whimsical 2 Michelin Star restaurant in London.

It’s definitely an experience in itself, and the short of it is: It’s really expensive but I recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

As soon as you walk in the door, you’re met with a hopscotch board that screams, “Hop on me!” 

sketch restaurant london 23

sketch restaurant london 22

There are different rooms and bars at Sketch, our reservation was for The Gallery.

The Gallery is a pink room with fun, cheeky art covering all the walls.

sketch restaurant london 3

The same artist who created the art above, David Shrigley, designed the tongue-in-cheek dinnerware.

I love the salt and pepper shakers:

sketch restaurant london 1

The dirt was pepper, the dust was salt and the one marked nothing really had absolutely nothing in it. Trust me, I tried shaking it and then got way too excited when nothing came out.

Then I opened the menu, and this happened:

sketch restaurant london 2

It was like those pop-up books I used to read as a kid. The forks popped up and made me feel like a 5 year-old all over again.

On to the food.

I started with the steamed langoustines with kelp, cauliflower tops, cauliflower and bonito mayonnaise, consommé (£25.00/$42.46):

sketch restaurant london 4

The consommé (the little bowl of dark liquid in the top left corner) was a bit bland, I had to add some dust and dirt. The langoustines (think of them as shrimp’s cooler older brother who went to college) were so tender and flavorful, they were almost creamy. The bonito mayo and cauliflower were the perfect savory addition.

Final Verdict: Would order this again, but I could do without the consommé.

For my main dish I ordered the beef and foie gras burger, sketchup sauce, red cabbage and Xeres jelly, French fries (£21.00/$35.66):

sketch restaurant london 5

I gotta say, this was a disappointment on every level. 

The black cube had no taste whatsoever, and it was impossible to cut through it without making a loud clanking noise, which made everyone turn around and stare at me, which caused me to turn red and giggle nervously. To top it off, the burger was bland and rubbery, even though it was hot pink inside. The sketchup (Sketch’s take on ketchup) was alright; kinda tangy, kinda sweet, kinda whatever. The fries were great, but that’s because they’re fries.

Final Verdict: Would not order this again, ever.

little asian girl eating

For dessert, I went with the Cheesecake with speculos ice cream, lemon gelée, earl grey dates and fresh grapes (£8.50/$14.44):

sketch restaurant london 6 sketch restaurant london 7 This dessert had every taste and texture. Sour lemon gelée, sweet speculos ice cream, bitter earl grey dates. It was crunchy and creamy, and the grapes were like little bursts of freshness in my mouth.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this if you don’t like very sweet desserts. If I had a do-over, I would go with something chocolatey.

Finally, I ordered some fresh mint tea to help with digestion prolong our stay. Boy, was I glad I did (I never thought I would use “boy” the way I just did. I think I’m aging…)

sketch restaurant london 8

Tea was like any mint tea, the teacup was not like any other. I love little details like this. If you do too, then you must visit Sketch, it’s all about the little details.

If there is any restaurant that has restrooms/toilets/loos that are worth visiting, this is THE ONE.


sketch restaurant london 9 sketch restaurant london 16

These photos don’t do it justice. It’s really a stark, bright, white color and the vibe is super weird and futuristic.

No stalls, just pods/eggs with the most disorienting sounds blasting as you try to relieve yourself.

Here’s a video of the inside of the pod/egg: 

When you find yourself in a bathroom pod there is only one thing to do:

Take an anonymous selfie.

(Is that an oxymoron?)

sketch restaurant london 15

So, on the way out, I passed by some funky rooms, the most unique cloakroom tip cup and cool art.

sketch restaurant london 18 sketch restaurant london 19 sketch restaurant london 20 To sum it up, I would come to Sketch again if someone else was paying, and I wouldn’t order any of the same dishes again. Although, I highly doubt people come to Sketch purely for the food. The decor is a sight to see on its own.

(Side Note: My mom ordered the ravioli of morels with a hint of coffee, gratin of Swiss chard and spring onions and I was so jealous when I tasted it; it had such depth of flavor and richness. It was the best dish of the entire meal. She ate it before I could snap a photo. Her bad.)