Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao Cocktail

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Fight night is almost around the corner!

For those of you unaware, pretty much the biggest boxing match in modern history is this Saturday.

It’s the fight between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao.

Of course, I had to make themed drinks.

Because alcohol.

As a bonafide Mayweather fan I made a Money May-garita Cocktail last year that will taste just as good this year.

It’s a margarita with a little twist.

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The “Pac-Man” cocktail is more tropical and great for this time of year whether you like boxing or not.

This is what you need:

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Healthy Cucumber Cooler Cocktail

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 Mmmmm… healthy alcohol.

As the name suggests, this is a healthy cucumber cooler cocktail.

The only calories in this drink come from the liquor and it also doesn’t taste like shit!

A lot of times, when I desperately google “healthiest cocktail” after too many glasses of wine and horrible food decisions I am met with the horrendous “vodka tonic with a twist of lime” which just tastes like sour, watered down vodka.

This cocktail, my friends, has the same amount of calories as a vodka tonic, except it’s more nutritious and has more flavor and also gets you fucked up!


*said in a high pitch voice at the end, or if you’re like me, cracking deep voice and then uncontrollable coughing*

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Moroccan Mint Green Tea

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When I was in Morocco I kept being offered the most amazing tea known as Moroccan Tea, which is basically green tea with mint and if you like, sugar. 

Moroccan mint green tea is sooooo good. When you drink it it’s like you can’t imagine how you lived life without it and then you get really mad thinking of all the years that passed in which you could have had this tea after each meal and also at other times, because it’s that good.

I never really liked green tea and always tried to force myself to drink it because it’s healthy and all that shit and now I discovered a way to drink green tea and enjoy it!

It’s my teaha! moment. 

Get it?

Like, aha! moment.

But with tea.

So like, teaha! moment.

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