Moroccan Mint Green Tea

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When I was in Morocco I kept being offered the most amazing tea known as Moroccan Tea, which is basically green tea with mint and if you like, sugar. 

Moroccan mint green tea is sooooo good. When you drink it it’s like you can’t imagine how you lived life without it and then you get really mad thinking of all the years that passed in which you could have had this tea after each meal and also at other times, because it’s that good.

I never really liked green tea and always tried to force myself to drink it because it’s healthy and all that shit and now I discovered a way to drink green tea and enjoy it!

It’s my teaha! moment. 

Get it?

Like, aha! moment.

But with tea.

So like, teaha! moment.


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You need green tea to make this tea. Traditionally, gunpowder tea is used. 

Gunpowder tea is just green tea rolled up into little balls.

Not absolutely necessary to get this type of tea, you call totally use your favorite loose leaf (or even in a teabag, see how flexible and easygoing I am?) green tea for this recipe.

Next you need a handful of fresh mint.

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Take a big whiff and just enjoy the menthe in all her glory.


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 Add the desired amount of tea you like, about a spoonful.

Then add a sweetener if you like.

In Morocco they used sugar and of course it tasted good, but I shall be utilizing the honey bee this afternoon.

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Try to use local honey whenever possible to support your local bee economy.

Also, it’s supposed to help with allergies.

I added honey to the pot itself because it was a tea for one situation today.

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If you’re making tea for more than one, be courteous to their desired sweetness level and do that shit in your own glass.

moroccan mint green tea 28

Steep the tea for about 3 minutes and then pour out all the liquid, you can top off with water a few more times.

Don’t forget and leave the tea in the pot or it will become bitter.

Just like me.

Enjoy your tea!

(Huge smile, dead in the eyes.)

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