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Belrose Hotel Restaurant 1

This is a review of the Gourmet Restaurant Le Belrose Restaurant Saint Tropez (or more like the tiny town of Gassin).

The photo above was taken as we drove into the hotel.

Le Belrose Restaurant Saint Tropez is a sight to see.

Breathtaking views and dramatic presentations are the ever present themes of this gem.

Enjoy the gorgeousness:

Belrose Hotel Restaurant 3

This is the view from the restaurant, we were seated at the edge so we got an unobstructed view of the pool and the sea behind it.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures:

Belrose Hotel Restaurant 4Belrose Hotel Restaurant 5

As soon as we were seated, we were asked if we had any restrictions that they would be happy to accommodate.

Then came the amuse bouches:

Belrose Hotel Restaurant 8

The cones were filled with beef tartare and topped with red bell pepper sorbet. The other amuse was tuna topped with a slice of mango and half a pea.

As is the new trend I noticed in several spots I’ve visited recently, there were lots of amuse bouches.

On the left is a cold cucumber soup with apples and radishes and on the right is a fried oyster topped with a bit of lemon chutney.

I enjoyed this amuse bouche pair more than the first one, which wasn’t bad at all.

The cucumber soup was truly tasty and the fried oyster was satisfying in that fried food kind of way; hot, crunchy, salty and umami.

Belrose Hotel Restaurant 14 Belrose Hotel Restaurant 16

I loved the amuses, totally unexpected but somehow the combinations felt like they should have been established ages ago.

Then we had a look through the menu:

Belrose Hotel Restaurant 11 Belrose Hotel Restaurant 9 Belrose Hotel Restaurant 10

 We ordered the chef’s specialty Parmesan risotto for 2 to start with and for the main dishes, I went with the Blue Lobster and my mom went for the Dover Sole.

Let me just say that the risotto was by far the best part of the meal for a variety of reasons. First being taste, second being, well, just watch.

Belrose Hotel Restaurant 17 Belrose Hotel Restaurant 21  


Belrose Hotel Restaurant 24

I mean, it’s pretty hard to top that.

Then came the mains.

This is the cod dish:

Belrose Hotel Restaurant 25

The two sides look fused together with a food adhesive, I tasted the sauce and it was incredibly rich with a really nice savory taste.

My lobster was served chilled and wrapped in mozzarella and that’s cold tomato consommé in the shot glass.

Belrose Hotel Restaurant 28

Although it was really pretty, I did not care for this dish. I only had one sip of the consommé and found myself disappointed with the lobster. 

Then we had dessert.

My mom ordered a chocolate, strawberry and vanilla parfait sphere sort of thing, which she really enjoyed.

Belrose Hotel Restaurant 31 Belrose Hotel Restaurant 34 I wanted something with fresh fruit so I got the pineapple carpaccio desert with a lime sorbet and some sort of frozen champagne soup shooter thing.

Belrose Hotel Restaurant 33

I truly enjoyed this dessert and ended up finishing the whole thing.

I cleaned my plate and finished with an iced latte.

Belrose Hotel Restaurant 36 Food: 8/10 (10/10 for the risotto)

Service: 9.5/10

Ambiance: 10/10


Final Say: Go to Le Belrose Restaurant Saint Tropez if you want fancy modern Italian cuisine with breathtaking views.


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