7 Ru Paul’s Drag Race Cocktails

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ru paul's drag race 3 Hay gurls! This post is for all you Ru Paul’s Drag Race watchers, and if you don’t watch the show, you must check it out. It’s like America’s Next Top Model but gayer and crazier. It’s not for kids, but when the hell has anything on this blog been for kids.

It’s hilarious and I love it. 

No tea, no shade!

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5 More Game of Thrones Cocktails

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Game of Thrones Cocktail Drinks 99

So, I decided to make 5 more Game of Thrones cocktails for some of the newer characters and for some that I missed last time.

With only two more episodes left this season, we are gonna need as many Game of Thrones cocktails as we can get .

I feel a big kill coming on and I’m really nervous about it.

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5 Mexican Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

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cinco de mayo mexican drinks cocktails 4

Mexican cocktails are the best. 

Also, Cinco de Mayo is around the corner!

It’s basically an excuse for non-Mexican yet culturally-sensitive people to drink and eat delicious Mexican food.

Today, I will be honoring the Drinko de Mayo aspect of this holiday by making 5 Mexican cocktails.

Also, known as Cinco de Drinko.

Something for every taste here:

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Healthy Cucumber Cooler Cocktail

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cucumber cooler cocktail 49

 Mmmmm… healthy alcohol.

As the name suggests, this is a healthy cucumber cooler cocktail.

The only calories in this drink come from the liquor and it also doesn’t taste like shit!

A lot of times, when I desperately google “healthiest cocktail” after too many glasses of wine and horrible food decisions I am met with the horrendous “vodka tonic with a twist of lime” which just tastes like sour, watered down vodka.

This cocktail, my friends, has the same amount of calories as a vodka tonic, except it’s more nutritious and has more flavor and also gets you fucked up!


*said in a high pitch voice at the end, or if you’re like me, cracking deep voice and then uncontrollable coughing*

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World Cup 2014 Cocktails

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world cup 2014 cocktails drinks 1

So, as we all know, the World Cup 2014 has reached the semi-finals phase. In light of this holy occasion, I have decided the Top Four Football Teams in the World deserve a cocktail in their honor.

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Saffron & Cardamom Syrup

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saffron cardamom syrup 50

 This saffron and cardamom syrup is so easy and versatile. All you need is 3 ingredients.

Plus water.

It’s perfect for sweetening teas.

Or in place of simple syrup in cocktails.

It’s also great for desserts. Drizzle it on freshly baked cupcakes or into frosting, or both.

You can also chug it.

This is what you need:

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