Healthy Cucumber Cooler Cocktail

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cucumber cooler cocktail 49

 Mmmmm… healthy alcohol.

As the name suggests, this is a healthy cucumber cooler cocktail.

The only calories in this drink come from the liquor and it also doesn’t taste like shit!

A lot of times, when I desperately google “healthiest cocktail” after too many glasses of wine and horrible food decisions I am met with the horrendous “vodka tonic with a twist of lime” which just tastes like sour, watered down vodka.

This cocktail, my friends, has the same amount of calories as a vodka tonic, except it’s more nutritious and has more flavor and also gets you fucked up!


*said in a high pitch voice at the end, or if you’re like me, cracking deep voice and then uncontrollable coughing*

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