Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

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Green chile enchiladas. This is a full circle meal. I made it with leftovers from the roast chicken I made the other day and the green chile sauce I made yesterday. I love when that happens.

This recipe is so easy to make that you could use a store bought rotisserie chicken or boil a chicken breast you may have on hand and shred it for the filling. Then you could also get a can of green chile enchilada sauce or try making a batch! It’s surprisingly simple and makes you feel like you know your shit. At least that’s how I felt.

So you will need just 4 ingredients:

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Warm up your green chile sauce. Pour it in the baking dish and dip your tortilla in it to make it more pliable and therefore easier to roll. If your tortilla cracks don’t freak out. It won’t even show in the finished product and it will still taste great!

2014-02-18 18.43.22  2014-02-18 18.43.57

 2014-02-18 18.44.16 2014-02-18 18.45.11

Now place the tortilla in the baking dish and put some cheese and chicken in the middle of the tortilla and roll it up.

2014-02-18 18.45.26 2014-02-18 18.45.37

2014-02-18 18.45.58 2014-02-18 18.46.23

Repeat till the baking dish is full. Pour on some more sauce and top with cheese.

2014-02-18 18.55.24 2014-02-18 18.55.49

2014-02-18 18.56.12 2014-02-18 18.57.38

You should put more cheese. We are trying to watch our dairy intake around here but please indulge for me. Please and Thank You.

Now bake this at 350F until bubbly and the cheese is melted. You could also broil this if you want a crustier top.

2014-02-18 19.19.38

This was broiled for like 5 mins or so. I was watching it the whole time though, cuz it can go from golden to burnt pretty quick.

My hubby likes lettuce and olives on his enchiladas which I don’t understand. Let me know if anyone out there has ever heard of such a thing. I might add some green onions and cilantro to my lettuce next time. I didn’t have it with olives but I only took a pic of hubby’s plate so enjoy the olive-y-ness.

2014-02-19 12.42.30

 He also likes a lot of lettuce. It’s more like an enchilada salad thing but it’s oh so good!

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