“Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice” Cocktail

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Yum. My Friday just got a whole lot more interesting. I just put this little concoction together and I’m currently sipping on it right now. I hope to love myself a bit more by the end of this post. Or end of this drink. 

So I used my homemade spiced rum and my lemongrass syrup as the basis of this cocktail. I added a few more ingredients to make this “Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice” cocktail.

Here’s what you need for this cocktail (the cocktail shaker and the jigger are optional):


The jigger is a helpful measuring tool for making cocktails but you can use a small liquid cup measurer or your can eyeball the amounts if you wanna walk on the wild side.

I like my cocktails ice cold and I also like imagining myself as a bartender from Coyote Ugly, so I use a cocktail shaker. If you don’t have one don’t let it stop you from making this cocktail. Just stir the ingredients (as you tell yourself James Bond didn’t know shit about cocktails) and pour over ice.

If you’re using a cocktail shaker, now would be the time to fill it up with ice.



Next add 1 oz of spiced rum. This is the “spice” part of this cocktail’s name.



Then 1 oz of lemongrass syrup (or honey, or any other syrup you have). This is the “sugar” part of the cocktail’s name (I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m talking to you like you’re retarded).



Then you want to add 1 1/2 oz of Pom Hula (or any other fruit juice you like or have on hand). This is the “everything nice” part of the name. Ok, I’m stopping now.



Then add the same amount of water.



Finally, just to brighten the whole thing up, add the juice of half a lemon.


Put the top on your shaker and shake it like a polaroid picture. Ahahah eheh eh. Me so funny.


Pour it over ice. Or you can be like me and pour it in a fancy glass first before realizing the drink is way better over ice and then changing the cup you used. Whatever. All roads lead to Rome. (I don’t think they actually do though).


Then garnish said glass and take pics and then change your mind and use another glass. It’s all part of the process.





Yes. Very yes.

Enjoy the weekend!!!

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Love you. Mean it. Bye.

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