East Meets West Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

 This East Meets West ice cream cookie sandwich will knock your flip flops off. The date and cardamom cookies are perfectly chewy, the saffron ice cream is rich and creamy and the pistachios add the perfect crunch.

First, you need my addictive and totally luxurious Saffron Ice Cream:

Once the ice cream is setting up in the freezer, whip up my super easy Chewy Cardamom & Date cookies:

You will need to hide these from the cookie lover in your life, my husband almost finished the whole batch before I could make my ice cream cookie sandwich. I had to scream at him like he stole something to make him stop. Then things got very awkward between us, but that's another story.

Last but not least, to get a much needed crunch, you need about a handful of chopped pistachios:

Once you've made everything, and managed to keep people away from the ice cream and cookies, assemble the sandwich.

It's so simple I feel like I'm insulting your intelligence by even describing it to you.

Basically, you turn a cookie upside down and add a scoop of ice cream:

Top it with another cookie and then roll the ice cream edges in the pistachios. If they don't stick, just sprinkle them on and gently push them into the ice cream.

Finally, and most importantly, take a bite:

It's a messy job, but someone has to do it.

I sacrificed myself for the cause.

You're welcome.




2 date & cardamom cookies (link to recipe in post)
1 scoop of saffron ice cream (link to recipe in post)
handful of chopped pistachios


Scoop the saffron ice cream onto an upside down cookie.

Top with the other cookie (right side up), and gently push down.

Roll the edges of the ice cream into the pistachios, if they don't stick all the way sprinkle and gently push the pistachios onto the ice cream.

Take a bite and grab a napkin, it's a messy job but somebody has to do it!