Restaurant Review: Alain Ducasse La Trattoria Monaco

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Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 1

Today’s review is of Alain Ducasse’s (French chef with the most Michelin stars in the world) Italian restaurant in Monaco: La Trattoria at the Sporting Monte Carlo Club.

The photo above is of the view from the terrace sitting area.

This restaurant is not as fancy as Alain Ducasse’s other restaurant in Monaco (Le Louis XV), so it’s a good choice if you want somewhere nice but not too stuffy, not to mention the views are amazing!

Here’s what happened:

First comes the bread:

Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 5

The bread in the back is the fennel bread, then a regular bread lightly salted and the dark bread is olive bread which was the only one I tried and it was what you would expect of olive bread. 

The cute part of ordering is they bring you a little paper and pencil to choose antipasti (if you want to) from a list of options. I chose the smallest selection, which is three small antipasti dishes. I got the Vitello Tonnato (which is a veal and tuna dish with capers, I love this dish and order it whenever it’s on the menu and this one was the best I’d had):

Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 9

I also got the crudités and asparagus with parmesan, which were totally bland:

Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 7Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 12 Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 11

The crudités came with a homemade pesto and crème fraîche mixed together which tasted extremely bitter for some odd reason.

It looked so inviting though:

Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 8

My mother chose to order the pizzette (mini pizza) Margherita for her starter and she loved it so much she ate the whole thing:

Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 10 Next up were the main dishes, I ordered the Shrimp with Roasted Artichokes and my mom got the Chicken Breast with Haricot Verts (Green Beans) and Wild Mushrooms.

We both loved our mains, both were tender and flavorful. 

No complaints.

Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 14 Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 15 Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 16

Then it was time for dessert, I wanted to keep it light so I just had a bowl of red fruits:

Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 18 Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 19

My mom, being the chocoholic that she is, ordered the chocolate pizza:

Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 17

She said it was a chocolate lovers dream.

Looks like it to me!

Then we finished with some tea and coffee and they brought some cookies and pastries which I didn’t try, my mom had some and said they were good.

Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 20

Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 25Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 21


(Side Note: For those of you who carry handbags, they have the little hooks they put on the table and you can take them home which I thought was a nice touch.)

IMG_0633 IMG_0634

As I was going to the restroom I couldn’t help but snap a few more pics:

Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 31 Alain Ducasse La Trattoria 29

Look at that cook giving me the stank face!

Hahaha, no regrets!

The things I do for you guys, lol.

Food: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Ambiance: 9.5/10


Final Say: Go if you’re in Monaco and want to enjoy Italian food at a more casual place with amazing views.


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